10 Best Angle Grinders

If you have been working with steel or iron before, you can probably relate with me when I’m saying that an angle grinder is one of the most important tools to have if you want to do the job easy.

Cutting a piece of steel without a strong angle grinder by doing it manually with a saw would take forever. To our help, there are coming better and better angle grinders for the market every day.

Nowadays, you do not have to fight with a power cable and find the power to it when you are cutting something far away from civilization. The newer cordless angle grinders are a great choice when you want to do the job easy and are really easy to carry everywhere you are going. All the different discs for the angle grinders are also becoming thinner and more effective.

But, finding the best angle grinder is not always the easiest task. Should you have a corded or cordless? How much should you spend on a quality one that will last over a long time?

Do not worry we have done the difficult part, In this article, we have listed both the corded and cordless angle grinders that we liked and put them in a list of the best angle grinder to buy in 2020.


UPDATED: October 29, 2020

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If you want to more about angle grinders and want to know which one would fit you the best, check our buyer’s guide at the bottom of the article. Scroll down or click here

The 10 Best Angle Grinders in 2021

Product Fittings Volts Max RPM Type Price
Bosch 1375A 4-1/2" - 11k Corded Check Price
SKIL 9296-01 4-1/2" - 11k Corded Check Price
Ryobi ZRP420 4-1/2" 18 6.5k Cordless Check Price
PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG 4-1/2" - 11k Corded Check Price
Hitachi G12SQ 4-1/2" - - Corded Check Price
Metabo WEV15-125 4-1/2" - 5" - 9.6k Corded Check Price
DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2" - 11k Corded Check Price
Makita XAG11T 4-1/2" - 5" 18 8.5k Cordless Check Price
DEWALT DCG413B 4-1/2" 20 9k Cordless Check Price
Milwaukee 2783-22 4-1/2" - 5" 18 8.5k Cordless Check Price
  1. Milwaukee 2783-22 18V Cordless Angle Grinder

Milwaukee 2783-22 2

In the first place, you will find the Milwaukee 2483-22 angle grinder. This is the “Rolls-Royce” and the best angle grinder when it comes to angle grinders in our opinion. Why we placed this in the first place on the list, is because you will really get everything you need for a great cordless angle grinder kit and beyond that. If you have been using a lot of tools in your life, you will probably know about Milwaukee already. The brand is really great for the durability and the availability to use the same battery for all their different kinds of tools.

So, If you already have a cordless tool from Milwaukee, there is a big chance that you can just use the battery from your old tool and just buy a baretool. This makes the price reduced a lot if you buy a baretool, but it’s always good to have more than one battery to switch between the chargings if you use them a lot. If you go over to this link, you will find the kit of the Milwaukee 2783.

The kit includes the required tools to get started, like the angle grinder itself, a battery, battery charger, and a replacement disc cover. You will find the option to buy the grinder only without the charger, and the option to buy a bare tool without the battery or a charger. It’s up to you.

However, over to the pros about the product. This angle grinder is really easy to use and switch between the different kinds of discs. It’s actually fool-proof if you ask us! The grinder is really lightweight and you can really feel the quality of the tool when you have it in your hands. This is strengthened by a warranty of 5 years of the grinder and a 3-year battery warranty, which tells us the quality of the tool. The other big pro about the tools the battery life length, you will for sure have time to charge your other battery before this one runs out.

Main Features
  • 18 Volt Battery
  • 4-1/2″ / 5 fitting
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 8500 No-Load RPM
  • 2x Milwaukee’s 5 Ah Batteries
  • Weight 6 lbs
  • 5 Years tool & 3 years battery Warranty

The only con we found about this tool, is that the instructions are not that good of how to replace the discs and how to use the tool. However, if you have ever used an angle grinder before or just have some common sense, you will have no problems with either replace the discs, use the tool or charge the battery, it’s really easy if you just use the brain a bit. Over that, we did not really found any other cons about this product, it’s really close to a perfect angle grinder and worth spending some bucks on if you want the best one.

  • Lightweight & Easy to use
  • Top Quality & Durability
  • Overload protection
  • Long battery lifetime
  • A rapid stop will stop the discs really fast after releasing the button
  • Very long warranty for both the battery and the tool
  • Vibrant resistance protection
  • Instructions could be more clear of how to replace the discs and use the tool

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  1. DEWALT DCG413B 20V Angle Grinder


Now we have come to the second product on this list, it’s the Dewalt DCG413B. It’s really a competitor of the Milwaukee 2483 and these tools can be really hard to choose between. However, the price of the Dewalt is slightly higher if you look at the baretool price. The reason why we placed this in the second price is that we can’t really see the advantages of having a higher price when the tools are so similar in quality and usage to the Milwaukee tool. The quality of the Dewalt may be slightly higher than the Milwaukee but we couldn’t feel or see why it should be priced higher.

However, if you are a Dewalt fan and you are looking for an angle grinder that will last forever and are ready to spend some bucks, this is a really great choice. You will get an angle grinder that will do the job with ease and will probably last several years after though usage. This angle grinder is brushless, which means that you do not have to replace the brushes after a while and you will get a longer battery time because of this.

The safety features of this tool are great, you will find a blade brake which brakes the disc after you are releasing the paddle switch very fast (Under 1 second). This can be really great if you are working in tight areas and do not want the disc to free spin and damage any parts around when you are removing the angle grinder from the spot. This function does also work as a kickback brake which can save you from serious injuries.

Main Features
  • Kickback Brake
  • Required no brush changes
  • E-switch protection
  • 9000 rpms free spin
  • 850 Watt
  • 4-1/2″ wheel diameter
  • 3 years limited warranty

The only con we found about this product, is that because of the power of this tool, it can overheat pretty fast if you are working with it in a hot area and using the grinder in though conditions. There is a temperature overheat protection which shuts off the grinder if the temperature gets too high, which is great to save the tool, but it could be kinda irritating to wait several minutes after that to let it cool down before you can use it again.

However, the Dewalt DCG413B is really an awesome angle grinder with great quality and it’s up to you if you want to choose this or the Milwaukee, these are really similar. If you have other tools of dewalt or milwaukee before, the choice migth be easier but you can often switch the battery between these tools and you can save some money of buying a baretool instead of the whole kit.

  • Brushless motor – Delivers more run time and needs no brush changes
  • Easy to use
  • High Quality
  • Long warranty (3-years)
  • 1-year free service
  • Great Blade brake (The disc stops fast when releasing the switch)
  • Great safety function like kickback brake and e-switch protection
  • Paddle switch
  • Have a tedencity to overheat fast if you use it in hot climates together with a lot of load

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  1. Makita XAG11T 18V Cordless Angle Grinder

Makita XAG11T 18V 2

The next tool we have on the list is the Makita XAG11T. You have two options for this one, either buying a baretool or a kit, with the battery and the charger included. If you have any other Makita tools at home, you can just purchase a baretool as the battery is the same between almost all the tools from Makita. Makita is a big and well-known brand in the tool industry and known for making high-quality tools for a good price. This is also the case with this tool, the angle grinder is really low price for such a high-quality tool.

The Makita XAG11T have the most functions you need for a proper angle grinder. The automatic speed change is regulating the speed of the disc automatically to make the cutting or grinding very effective.

This angle grinder has really great safety functions like a safety shutoff, which shuts down the motor if the disc gets stuck. Often the most injuries happen when the disc gets stuck and it will explode and throw disc parts everywhere. This is prevented by the safety shutoff, but it could still happen but the risk is lower, so do not rely on this and still be careful.

The other great safety function this angle grinder has is the automatic brake stop. This prevents the disc from free spinning after you release the paddle switch. The brake stop is braking the disc from 8000~ RPMs to 0 in under 2 seconds, which is great if you are working in narrow spaces and do not want to damage the parts around when you are done with the cutting. The brushless motor increases the battery life for over 50{a275e698e78f505e10a925ca4160ef715082adcf1e134b82d9daa67d8888532b} and the battery is getting fully charged in under 45 minutes, which is really fast. I bet you won’t drain out the battery before the other one is fully charged. Because of this, it’s always a great idea to have two batteries for your tool.

Main Features
  • Electric Brake Stop (Stops the disc under 2 seconds after releasing the switch)
  • 8500 Free spin RPM
  • Automatic Speed Change
  • Brushless motor
  • 90 watts
  • Safety Shutoff
  • 4-1/2″ – 5″ Fitting
  • 18 Volt Cordless motor

Overall, this angle grinder is a great choice for the money, as the price is lower than the Milwaukee or the Dewalt angle grinder. The only con we found about this tool, which we found on a lot of different Makita tools, is that the quality feeling from the electric motor is not that great in our opinion. There is also a lot of noise from the electric motor even if the tool is new. But however, that is probably only the feeling, as we have used Makita tools for a long time and never experienced a broken one yet.

  • The battery is fully charged in under 45 minutes
  • Strong & Reliable
  • Automatic Brake Stop makes it safer to use
  • Automatic Variable Speed change makes the job easier
  • Brushless motor – Increase the battery lifetime
  • Safety Shutoff if the disc gets stuck, prevent disc explosion
  • The Quality feeling could be better from the electric motor & High noise

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  1. DEWALT DWE402 Corded Angle Grinder


Here we have the Dewalt DWE402 Angle grinder. This is the first and actually the best corded angle grinder in our opinion. Why we chose this as the best corded angle grinder, is because of the high quality together with the low price. Overall, corded angle grinders are often a lot cheaper than the cordless angle grinders, because the battery and the angle grinder needs a lot more parts and have a higher manufacturing cost. However, as we talked about before, Dewalt is a really known brand when it comes to electric tools and they’re known for making high quality tools.

This is a really strong angle grinder for the size and the weight. The spin without any torque is around 11.000 rpm’s, which is very much if you have seen the RPM’s of the cordless angle grinders we mentioned before. The safety is also great for this tool. The inbuilt clutch prevents disc explosions if the disc is getting stuck when you are cutting anything (Which happens pretty often if you use angle grinders a lot). Overall, the ergonomic is really great for this with a very little amount of vibrations from the angle grinder, which can be a problem with a lot of angle grinders.

The dust ejection system prevents any dust from getting stuck inside the angle grinder, which is probably the main cause of damaged angle grinders. It does also reduce the fire risk a lot, because an angle grinder is often spraying a lot of sparks when cutting iron, and the combination with any wood shavings inside the machine is not that great.

Main Features
  • 11 Amp 1400w Electric motor
  • 11.000 RPM’s
  • Dust Ejection System
  • Brushless motor
  • Inbuilt safety switch for sudden stops

Overall, the Dewalt DWE402 is a really great choice if you are looking for a lightweight, strong and reliable angle grinder for an affordable price. The only con we found about this product, which was not found by us, is that there is a lot of customers complaining of missing parts in the delivery and damaged parts directly from the factory. However, this could be the dealer’s fault as there is probably used grinders sold, but it is only a suspicion. We got our angle grinder with all the required parts and we did not really found any cons of the product at all.

  • Very High RPM Angle grinder
  • Low priced
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic to handle
  • Inbuilt clutch reduces the risk of disc explosions at sudden stops
  • Brushless motor
  • 2 different positions of the handle available
  • Dust ejection system prevents dust from getting stuck in the angle grinder
  • A lot of recent customers are complaining about missing parts in the delivery, we did not experience this.

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  1. Metabo WEV15-125 Corded Angle Grinder

Metabo WEV15-125 2

Here is a heavy duty angle grinder for those who are looking for a really strong angle grinder with a lot of torque. The Metabo is really strong and the quality is great. However, this one is pretty much higher priced than the other corded angle grinders in this list, which may be too much for the one who is looking for an angle grinder to use at home. But, if you are willing to spend some bucks more and need a high torqued angle grinder, this one is for you.

This angle grinder comes with a lot of different functions which prevents injuries and makes the angle grinder easier to use. The soft start increases the user control a lot, because you may know if you have been using an angle grinder before, that the sudden start can almost throw the angle grinder out of your hands if you are not ready. The soft start is also great for saving the electric motor and it extends the life of the motor a lot. The variable speed is also great for an effective cutting or grinding. The variable speed is between 2800-9600 RPMs.

For the safety functions, we will find things like a slip clutch, which prevents disc explosions when the disc gets stuck when you are cutting. You can say that there is a torqued clutch inside of the angle grinder, when the motor is spinning and the disc is getting stuck, the torque increases drastically and the clutch is just spinning, preventing the disc from exploding. The angle grinder does also come with an overload protection, which increases the life of the electric motor if the temperature gets too high inside it.

Main Features
  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Overload Protection
  • 2800-9600 rpms
  • 13.5 Amp Electric motor
  • Soft start
  • Slip clutch
  • 1550 Watts

The only con we found about this product, is that the electric motor is pretty noisy even from the factory. Often cheaper angle grinders can be pretty noisy and we expect an angle grinder of this price range, to be pretty quiet and have a feeling of quality when you are starting the angle grinder. Because of this, we think that this angle grinder should be a lot lower priced. But still, this is a really strong angle grinder, and you may not find a lot of other angle grinders with these kinds of power.

  • Really high torque
  • Reliable and High quality
  • Overload protection
  • Variable speed makes effective cuttings
  • Soft start increases the motor life and the user control
  • Slip Clutch, prevents disc explosion from sudden stops
  • The electric motor is pretty noisy for such a high priced angle grinder
  • The price is pretty high

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  1. Hitachi G12SQ Corded Angle Grinder

Hitachi G12SQ 2

Here is the Hitachi G12SQ angle grinder, which is a corded grinder with a lot of different functions for a great price. Hitachi is also known for making a lot of power tools and the quality is often very high comparable to the price. This does also apply to this angle grinder, the quality is decent and the price is OK. However, we found the Dewalt corded version mentioned before better than this one, with the price around the same. More over to this if you continue to read.

This angle grinder does not have all the different functions like the other angle grinders in this article, but, it does it job – cutting steel and iron. The spindle lock makes it really easy and fast to replace the discs of the angle grinder, which can be pretty difficult in some grinders. The handle of the grinder is switchable for the side, which makes it usable for both lefthanded and righthanded people.

The angle grinder is very compact and lightweight which is great for smaller jobs in narrow spaces, and it does also increase the security of using the grinder. The weight of the grinder is only 3.5 lbs which are almost half the weight of the grinders mentioned before. The wheel guard of the grinder is adjustable too which angle you want, which is great to combine safety with reachability in narrow spaces.

Main Features
    • Corded Electric motor
  • 4-1/2″ Fitting
  • 7.4 Amp electric motor
  • Spindle lock – Easy disc replacement
  • Adjustable Wheel Guard
  • 3.5 lbs Weight
  • Paddle switch

But with good things, comes bad things. This is a very small angle grinder, which also makes is pretty weak. We thought that the electric motor should be strong even if the weight and size are low, we were wrong. The electric motor is very weak and it does have a tough time to cut through thicker pieces of iron or steel. Another con we found about this one is that the paddle switch quality feels bad and like it would fall apart anytime, even directly from the factory. Because of this, we think that the Dewalt Corded version is a better choice than this because the price is about the same.

  • Low priced
  • Very lightweight & Compact
  • The handle can be moved, for both lefthanded or righthanded people
  • The wheel guard is adjustable
  • Easy disc replacements
  • Comes with a storage case
  • The paddle switch quality is pretty low
  • The electric motor is not that strong, you may struggle with heavier work

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  1. PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG Angle Grinder


Now we have come to a really good budget angle grinder if you want a decent one for an easier task for a really low price. It’s the Porter-cable PC60TAG that we are talking about. This is actually one of the most sold angle grinders of Amazon. Overall the Porter-cable brand is not that known as the other ones mentioned before, and there is really nothing special about this grinder. It does the job of cutting steel or iron, but you have to keep in mind that this is a lightweight grinder and the power is not that great.

What we found surprising, is the speed of the grinder. With a whole speed of 11.000 rpm’s, it’s in the same class as the more expensive angle grinders. However, the electric motor is only 6 Amp and pretty week, if you are going to cut any thicker pieces of steel or iron this angle grinder won’t really do the job if you want to do it fast. The handle does have 3 different positions you can put it in, which makes the ergonomic great for use in a lot of different positions.

Porter-Cable, is claiming that they are giving a whole 3 years of warranty for this angle grinder. Which we doubt a lot because we have not tried it ourself. But even the most high-quality angle grinder manufacturers are giving that kind of warranty and this is a low priced one. However, to find out you have to read the warranty policy and check recent customer reviews on Amazon to get an exact answer.

Main Features
    • 6 Amp electric motor
    • 11000 rpms
    • Cast metal gear case – Increase durability
  • 4-1/2″ Fitting
  • 4.1 pounds weight
  • 3 position handle options

We found some different cons about this product tho, but hey we didn’t expect anything from an angle grinder for this price. The feeling of the angle grinder is low-quality and the electric motor is pretty noisy, as with the most cheaper angle grinders. The electric motor is also pretty weak, as we discussed before. What we found startling is we found some recent customer report of that their angle grinder caught fire. We did not experience this, but if there is a risk, you should take it seriously, as you do probably not want to burn your house down or another property.

  • 3 years limited warranty, 1-year free service
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Fast, high RPM electric motor (11.000 RPMs)
  • Very low priced
  • Weak electric motor
  • Recent customers reported that the grinder caught fire
  • The quality is pretty low

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  1. Ryobi ZRP420 Cordless Angle Grinder Bare Tool

Ryobi ZRP420 2

This is probably the most budget variant in this list when it comes to cordless angle grinders. The price is pretty low, but remind that this one comes as a baretool and you have to add a battery within your purchase if you do not have any Ryobi tools at home already with the same battery. Ryobi is a known tool manufacturer for making decent tools for a low price. We do actually have some other mentions in our other articles about Ryobi tools.

Overall, this cordless angle grinder does not have a lot of fancy functions, which we suspected because of the price. But it does the job of cutting steel or iron. The kit comes with the most required parts as a grinding wheel and a storage case. The battery foot is rotatable to make it easier to reach in narrow spaces. The handle grip is great with a good ergonomic design. It’s a well-priced angle grinder which could be a great choice if you already have and Ryobi tools at home.

Main Features
  • 18 Volt cordless electric motor
  • 4-1/2″ fitting grinding wheel
  • 6500 rpm’s
  • 3-position handle

But, We found some cons about this product. The first one worth mentioning is the size of the angle grinder with the battery together. The whole package becomes pretty bulky and it could be difficult to reach in narrow spaces with it. The other thing we found is the speed and the strength of the electric motor. 6500 rpm’s is really nothing to brag about and we thought that the torque of the grinder would be higher. We did also found some report of missing parts in the delivery, but it was nothing we experienced, we got all the required parts for a successful test. However, it’s a good choice if you already have other Ryobi tools at home, but if you do not have that, I do recommend to check out the angle grinders in the beginning of the article instead.

  • The battery is shared between a lot of different Ryobi tools
  • Low Priced
  • Great grip
  • Good ergonomics
  • Rotating battery foot, which helps to reach narrow spaces
  • Grinding wheel included
  • The size is a bit bulky
  • The electric motor could be stronger
  • Missing parts was reported in the delivery of recent customers

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  1. SKIL 9296-01 7.5 Amp Angle Grinder

SKIL 9296-01 2

Here we have another budget variant of the corded angle grinders. This is a product from SKIL, which is a known manufacturer when it comes to powertools. The SKIL 9296-01 is an angle grinder of the middle of the corded angle grinders mentioned before. It’s not the cheapest with the lowest quality, and it’s not the most expensive with an outstanding quality. It’s an angle grinder for the one who is looking for a decent angle grinder for an affordable price for home usage.

First, we thought because of the size of the angle grinder, that the electric motor should be pretty weak, but we were actually surprised about the speed and strength of the motor. The motor gives a whole 11.000 RPM’s and has the power of 7.5 Amps. The disc guard is adjustable, which is great in narrow spaces. Another great function we found about this angle grinder, is that the paddle switch does not have a lock-on, which means that there is no ON-OFF button of the grinder. It stops when you are releasing the grinder, which is really great from a safety perspective.

Main Features
    • 7.5 Amp Electric motor
    • Paddle switch without lock-on
    • Vibration reducing handle
  • 4-1/2″ Disc fittings
  • Adjustable Disc Guard
  • 11.000 Rpms

The cons we found of this product is that there is a lot of noise from the electric motor and the vibrations is pretty high, which was kinda expected for a low priced angle grinder. We could not feel the quality when using this angle grinder really and we would have wished it was better. However, this is a pretty powerful angle grinder for a low amount of money.

  • Low priced
  • Paddle switch without lock-on, increase the safety of the angle grinder
  • 3 different positions of the handle
  • Powerful electric motor, for the size
  • Good Quality
  • The Vibrations and noise from the engine is pretty high
  • The overall quality could be higher

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  1. Bosch 1375A 4-1/2″ Budget Angle Grinder

Bosch 1375A 2

In the last place of the list, we will find the Bosch 1375A. If you have used some power-tools before, you do probably know about Bosch from before. If not, they are probably one of the biggest brands when it comes to power tools and other kinds of tools in the automotive industry. We did not place this in the last place because it’s a bad angle grinder. We put this on the last place of the list because this one is missing some important safety functions when it comes to angle grinders. We value the safety of our fans and customers high and we can’t recommend any products that are lacking safety.

Overall, the Bosch 1375A is a compact and strong angle grinder with some functions like the handle is switchable, but nothing much more than that. It’s a small and robust angle grinder with one great function, cutting steel or iron. We did actually found this one stronger than we had expected because of the light weight of the angle grinder. The ergonomic is pretty good and the noise and vibrations from the electric motor is lower than the most other low priced angle grinders.

Main Features
    • 3.7 lbs Weight
  • 4-1/2″ Disc Fitting
  • 6 Amp Electric motor
  • 11.000 Rpm’s no loading speed
  • Two-side position handle

As we mentioned before, this ones come at the last place because of the missing of safety functions like no lock-on button and torque clutch to prevent disc explosions. The on-off button could be dangerous if someone put the disc to the ON position with the power cord out. What happens when the you plug in the electric cable with the angle grinder laying on the ground? Yes, think of that and you may understand the importance of safety.

  • Lightweight
  • Fast Electric motor
  • Switchable handle (For both left-handed and right-handed)
  • Good ergonomic
  • Pretty high quality
  • Low priced
  • Missing some important safety functions

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What is an Angle Grinder?

best angle grinder

An angle grinder is used for a lot of different tasks, depending on which disc you choose to fit into the grinder. Mostly, the angle grinders are used to cut steel or iron with a thin disc that does cut smaller iron pieces really fast. You can also fit other discs like polishing or sandpaper grids to the grinder and do their kinds of jobs really easily. The disc is fitted in a 90 degrees angle to the handle, which the name “Angle Grinder” comes from.

There are several different types of angle grinders and in all kinds of different shapes on the market. The most common old style angle grinder is the corded one without a lot of functions. You have one power button ON and Off to start or stop it. Nowadays, there are more advanced angle grinders out there with all kinds of vibration, over-power protection, but the most significant change is that the newer angle grinders are using batteries instead of the old power cable. This makes it a lot easier to carry the angle grinder wherever you want, and you do not have to find power in an inaccessible place. Just charge the batteries before you go and you can most likely use it the whole day when you need it (Read the battery life specifications). If you do want to use it longer, just purchase more batteries to the angle grinder and bring a few with you.

Things to consider before buying an angle grinder

angle grinder

Just buying an angle grinder and hope that it will fit all your needs won’t most likely not happen. Buying the right angle grinder can be really difficult, but we will help you out with this. Down below, we have listed the most important factors to consider before you are doing your purchase. I’m sure that after you have gone through these steps you will be much more sure about which angle grinder you should choose.

Cordless or Corded

This is probably one of the most important factors you have to choose between when you are going to purchase an angle grinder. Both these different types have their own cons and pros. The Pro about the cordless angle grinder is that you can use it wherever you want and you do not have to fight with a power cable when you are doing the job. There is also no risk that you will cut the power wire off while doing it (Which is a common mistake to do, could also be dangerous and result in injuries). The pro about the corded one is that you won’t run out of batteries and they are most often a bit stronger than the cordless ones. The price of the corded ones is often a lot lower also, which might be a thing you should consider.


Checking how much power the angle grinder can put out is also a thing that you should consider before purchasing it. To calculate how much power you need for your angle grinder, think of how thick steel you are going to cut. If you are going to cut a lot through thick steel pieces, you might want to consider buying a more powerful one. However, the power of these angle grinders in this list are most likely enough and will exceed the need for the most of the ones that just need an angle grinder to use at home for the most common tasks. The corded angle grinders are most often more powerful than the cordless ones, so I recommend that you check this before considering buying a cordless one.

Baretool or Kit

This is an important thing to check before you are doing your purchase. A lot of these angle grinders have to options to choose from a baretool or a kit, some of them you do have to purchase the battery separately. A lot of manufacturers are using the same batteries for all of their power tools, which means that you maybe have one of their power tools and home and you have the required battery for the angle grinder. This means that you can save a bit of money to buy a baretool instead of a whole kit, which is a lot more expensive. However, In my opinion, you can never get too many batteries at home for your power tools so I really recommend you to purchase a kit instead of a baretool. You do never know when your other batteries will get damaged, and then you may have no batteries for any of the power tools.


By checking the price of the angle grinder, you will most likely get a clue about how the quality of the product. As you may know, you do often get what you pay for. But, this isn’t applied to all situations and it can result in purchasing a bad angle grinder for a high price. To prevent this, I recommend you to check the angle grinders in the top of the list here. These are high quality and well tested. You can also enter the links to Amazon and check the customer review from recent customers of the specific tool. You will also find more pictures there and more than one opinion about the tool. The good thing about this is that you will most likely find critical reviews of also the best seller tools also and get a really honest opinion. Read it and create your own opinion.


Is the angle grinder compatible with your old discs from your old angle grinder? What types of discs can you fit on the angle grinder? This is an important thing to consider to check carefully that the angle grinder can fit your required discs and grids. If you check the specification you will find how big or small discs you can fit on the angle grinder. Some angle grinders do also have other usages than cutting discs, so it’s always worth checking before purchasing an angle grinder that you can’t use for your needs.

Replacement Parts

What could be more annoying than realise that a small part is broken on your angle grinder, but you can’t just purchase the part, you have to purchase a whole new angle grinder. To check if there is a lot of replacement parts to purchase for your angle grinder can be worth considering before purchasing it. Check if it’s possible to purchase the most common replacement parts like chucks and new power cables, or batteries if you purchase a cordless angle driver. The handlebar is also a common thing to break and you may want to check if it’s available to purchase.

Safety Functions

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This is the most important thing for them all to considering. You can never get too much safety on an angle grinder because it’s really a dangerous tool if you do not know how to handle it carefully. I’ve seen people that removed the disc cover and get the disc in their face when it exploded, it’s really not a thing you want to happen. Nowadays, angle grinders have become safer and you will find a lot of safety functions like over-power shut off and vibration reductions. But they are still powerful and dangerous tools and they can cause serious damages to you. Always read the owners manual carefully before doing any tasks and remember to wear the right safety equipment to prevent injuries.  By googling “Angle grinder accidents” you will most likely never remove the disc cover of your angle grinder anymore. (Warning strong pictures)


Now you have probably come to a point when you know which angle grinder you should purchase. If you are still not really sure which one to choose, you can comment down below in our comment field and I will try to answer your questions as fast as possible.

If you have used any of these angle grinders before and want to leave your own review, we would love to get your opinion and would love if you left a short review in the comment section below. I hope that you have learned all the things that you needed to make a great purchase and I hope you enjoy your new angle grinder. Just remember the things that I mentioned before to always use safety equipment and never remove the disc cover from the angle grinder, even if you think you will reach things better without it, trust me it’s not worth it.

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