10 Best Hunting Binoculars

When going hunting, there are a number of things to consider. The most important part is to make a checklist of things that are very important when going hunting.

The checklist should contain hunting equipment and other stuff that will help you during your time hunting. One important equipment which is actually a fundamental thing every hunter should have before going hunting is – a pair of good hunting binoculars.

During the hunting trip, it is all about keeping a sharp mind, eyes peeled and prompt action and decision making. That is to say, if you really want to succeed when going hunting, you will need to use all your senses. Your ability of smell, touch, hearing and most importantly your sight, is what will get you through the hunting. If you are able to use all your senses together, quickly and accurately, you will find it very easy in the field when out there hunting.

These are a special type of binoculars which fall under the category of tactical gear for various occasions. These special binoculars can make or break your hunting trip which should give the idea that it’s one of the basic hunting equipment a hunter must-have.

In this list, we have covered the 10 best hunting binoculars with their specs, pros, and cons so that you have an easier time selecting one that suits you so let’s get into it.

So what if you are new to hunting and don’t know quite a lot about binoculars? No worries because we will in this article go in detail about how these hunting binoculars work and also which binoculars are the best out there in the market for you to buy today. If you want to learn a bit more about how to choose the right hunting binoculars, check out our buyer’s guide in the bottom of the article by scrolling down or click here.

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The 10 Best Hunting Binoculars in 2021

1. Vortex Optics Viper HD Professional Hunting Binoculars

Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 2

It may sound a little odd to the professionals or even new hunters, binoculars having HD, but it’s real. The company Vortex has gone through the hassle and using of technology to bring you HD hunting binoculars. Looking through the low dispersion glass at one end, you will realize the picture gets a whole lot clearer and crispier that makes the image a lot clearer than looking with bare eyes. But that’s the main point of getting hunting binoculars right? To improve and upgrade the naked eye’s vision to aid a hunter during hunting.

Vortex Optics Viper’s HD feature isn’t the only thing that brings it to attention amongst hunters, its others feature and its price fills the remaining gaps. While this product is one of the expensive hunting binoculars, the features it offers definitely outweighs the price, I should say. Keeping all that in the mind, Vortex becomes a lot more generous when it comes to the warranty of the product. Since vortex is a known brand when it comes to hunting binoculars, it has good reviews and feedbacks and one of the top rated manufacturers in the market. Its Optics HD features an O ring, sealing dirt and debris and moisture also from getting inside the binoculars which makes it well-protected binoculars. That makes it fog proof also.

The optical lenses on it are FMC, that is, fully multi-coated, meaning the lenses are maximum upgraded and should offer absolutely crisp and best image quality due to its low dispersion and high-density lenses. The Optics HD is a 10×42 mm binoculars which make it a tough competitor with other high-end hunting binoculars. These binoculars are very lightweight and slim since it features roof prism.

  • Contains O-ring seals
  • Sleek design
  • FMC
  • The Neckstrap is a bit uncomfortable
  • Expensive

2. Vortex Diamondback D241 Hunting Binoculars

Vortex Optics Diamondback 2

Vortex is back already with another hunting binocular model, the Diamondback. Offering its seemingly unbelievable lifetime warranty with this model too, you will be getting a pair of awesome binoculars if you get these. Get the vortex diamondback and you have yourself a great quality hunting binocular with a good amount of zoom and prisms. The diameter of the optical lens is just great.

Coming to the protection side of the binoculars, this model is waterproof as well as fog proof which is the same with its Optics HD model. The overall design of the vortex diamondback is sleek and slim, making it look attractive with its army camouflage color along with a red tint on the lens. The vortex’s diamondback comes with a carrying case, something many brands do not offer with their binoculars, and a rubber armor for an amazing grip. The waterproofing seal covers all the gaps of the binoculars so even if you drop it in a puddle of water or mud, don’t worry about getting anything from going inside. This is the very reason why vortex is so popular in making binoculars and that too of really premium quality.

The clarity of this binoculars is commendable and while the lenses aren’t scratch proof, it does manage to resist tiny scratches. Even if you do somehow get tiny scratches on the lens, you will not need to worry as those tiny scratches won’t be really impairing your binocular vision. That being said, overall, the Diamondback is a premium pair of binoculars and popular with seasoned hunters.

  • Waterproof
  • Durable glass
  • Rubber grip not so comfortable

3. G4Free Compact 4331882450 Budget Hunting Binoculars

G4Free 12x25 2

The term ‘Compact’ in the name isn’t there for nothing. The G4Free binoculars is actually a pair of extremely compact binoculars. This one is the funkiest looking binoculars but backed up by some serious power and features. These binoculars will offer you a wide field of view range but the best part about it is that it is extremely budget friendly. The exterior design is minimalistic but attractive. There is an adjuster knob which adjusts both the lenses together for adjusting the focus, which makes it a central focus model. You will be getting a whopping 12x zoom ability with the G4Free compact binoculars and also, you don’t have to worry about splashing water over it like its water resistant as well but be careful not to submerge it in water as it’s not really designed to take that much water.

The quality of the image is HD which is something you only get in premium and expensive hunting binoculars in the market.
In the package, you will not only get the binoculars but also a cleaning cloth, a convenient case for carrying the binoculars and a hand strap for extremely easy carrying while on the go during hunting.

A thing to note in this product is that its center knob which adjusts the focus, will either give you the best view or the worst and actually acts as a fine line between the good and bad of the binoculars. So some people might not find the G4Free compact binoculars good enough for them while others may bring the best in these. In terms of the design, it’s a bit smooth and slippery so you have to keep that fact in mind when maneuvering quickly with this binoculars.

  • Budget friendly
  • Compact
  • HD image quality
  • Adjustment knob not user-friendly for new users

4. Bushnell Powerview Hunting Binoculars

Bushnell Powerview Compact 2

Bushnell’s Powerview is not a pair of binoculars to mess or play with. This is some serious hunting equipment recommended for seasoned hunters. Getting straight to business, these binoculars are lightweight, making it easy to carry them and quickly take them out. The lenses it features are multi-coated, protecting the optical lenses from reflection and glare so you don’t have to worry about using these in bright sunlight and blinding you when your prey is so close. All you get is a bright, clear image. You can also customize the Bushnell Powerview according to your needs and your taste.

The Bushnell Powershell offers 8x zoom so that your prey doesn’t go out of your sight and has rubber for high grip which should prevent it from slipping from the hands during usage. One thing not good about the Bushnell Powerview is that its lens is not waterproof or fog proof, so the rain or fog is not going to go easy on the binoculars. Also, these binoculars cannot be mounted on a tripod which is not good considering how good the brand is.

Nonetheless, the Bushnell Powerview features roof type prism making it slim and appealing with an army camouflage color. This makes it lightweight and easy to carry. The field of view is 18×32 which makes it good for tracking animals running. Due to its roof prism, the eyesight is direct in line.

  • A good 8x zoom
  • The rubber that provides grip and shock absorption
  • Not waterproof or fog proof
  • No extension for tripod

5. Bushnell Compact HD 150142 Hunting Binoculars

Bushnell H2O Waterproof 2

Bushnell is back and now with waterproof binoculars. No matter which Bushnell model you take, you will not be disappointed and the models never fail to impress you. This particular Bushnell model is aimed to be a budget-friendly pair of binoculars while keeping the premium quality there, intact. This model too offers HD image quality and clarity and feels good in the hands, giving a good grip over it. It is extremely lightweight so you don’t have to worry about hanging it on your neck as it will not put a burden on your while you are out there hunting in the field.

Bushnell’s waterproof model offers a good 10x zooming with a good field of view. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your game or deer, you have eyes on. Its center focus adjustment knob makes it very easy to adjust your view according to the situation and your needs. A good aspect of these binoculars is that it puts little to no stress on your eyes which makes this binocular eyes friendly and comfortable. So don’t worry about scanning the scene with these for long periods.

The design of the binocular is very well made and bears most drops without really affecting the image quality or without breaking so easily, considering that this isn’t a quality featured in the product. This product is rated with 1000 yards of the field of view and nitrogen purged o rings to seal it from water tightly. The optical lenses are multi-coated which omit the problem of glaring and light reflection.

  • A great 10x zoom
  • Offers good grip
  • Color not so attractive

6. USCAMEL UW035 Hunting Binoculars

USCAMEL 10x42 Binoculars 2

Talk about a premium hunting binocular and you have one here. This here is a budget piece. Especially for hunting. But is that even possible? It sure is. Take a look at the USCAMEL compact hunting binoculars and you’ll know what I mean. These are quite compact and may seem like toys to some but it has got a range of 1000 yards that will show its competition what it can really do. Your prey won’t even know you are there and you’ll have your eyes locked on it which is exactly what you want and what you are going to get with these binoculars.

The build quality of USCAMEL’s binocular is very much commendable and quite durable, making it able to take light drops. The build material is magnesium alloy which sounds tough by just the name of it. These binoculars are simply made to last long. The binoculars are light but still, you will feel it’s a presence without disturbing you during your hunting trip. These binoculars offer a good 10x zoom with a 42 mm high-density objective lens. That allows the glasses to give a good field of view of about 1000 yards. Bird watching and safari sight-seeing become a lot more fun with these.

Its optical lenses are fully multi-coated, so forget about glaring and reflection and the fog. The binocular itself is non-slippery so that you have a better grip over it while hunting. Additionally, it provides shock absorption which enables it to tolerate light drops.

  • A great field of view
  • Roof prism system
  • Magnification adjustment not so easy

7. Nikon Trailblazer 8218 Hunting Binoculars

Nikon Trailblazer 10x25 2

The Nikon brand is well-known in making high-end DSLR cameras and various types of lenses including wide angle lenses and zoomed lenses. All these years Nikon did not use their lenses in binoculars but now they have, using their technology and expertise in lens making, Nikon is here with its own pair of binoculars which are budget-friendly, waterproof as well as fog proof. These have what they call the eco-glass and eco-glass prisms in their binoculars. That gives you a crisp and clear image when looking through the binoculars.

That makes these binoculars great for sightseeing and bird watching but doesn’t disappoint when used during hunting. Because it offers a great amount of zoom, these binoculars are often compared to other high end and military grade binoculars.

The design of the binoculars is actually very attractive and quite different from the conventional binoculars. Also, Nikon doesn’t call the glasses eco-glass for anything. It is because the glasses are lead and arsenic free. This model features the roof type prism, offering high-quality imagery. The optical lenses are fully multi-coated so no need to worry about light reflection and fog.

  • Waterproof protection
  • Fog proof
  • A good amount of zoom
  • No extension for use with tripod

8. SkyGenius Full-Size 4331882484 Hunting Binoculars

8x42 Full-size Binoculars 2

SkyGenius’s binoculars have green lenses which will make your hunting friends jealous. All you get by looking through a pair of these hunting binocular is nothing but a crisp and clear image. What about the pricing? Well, good news, you get a bright clear image with these binoculars for an affordable price tag when compared to the most expensive and high end hunting binocular models. While SkyGenius is not yet widely known, it is starting to make a name for itself in the binocular world pretty quick by offering premium quality in its products. The focus is on the quality and not quantity so rest assured if you decide to try these out.

These binoculars are 8×42, HD image. These are great for bird watching and sightseeing. Its objective lens diameter is 22 mm with an eye relief distance of 18 mm. Its optical lenses are fully multi-coated, protecting your vision from glare and reflection. It features a center focus knob with very easy adjustments. It is extremely comfortable to use and produces a high-quality image even when zoomed 8 times. In terms of protection, these binoculars are water resistant and can take splashes of water without a problem although submerging them in the water is not advised. It offers a field of view of 1000 yards, allowing you to keep a fixed eye on fast-moving animals during the hunting trip. The binoculars also have strap lens cap to protect the lenses when not in use.

  • Center focus dial
  • Easy to adjust
  • High eye relief
  • Doesn’t offer a good grip

9. Leica Geovid HD 40049 Hunting Binoculars

Leica 10x42 Geovid HD-B 2

Leica’s Geovid HD binoculars are something you probably have seen in the movies. It has a very futuristic and a techy look to it. It looks like compact binoculars which can shoot bullets as well, but it cannot. These are HD binoculars which should give you a clear and crisp HD image when you look through it. In weight, it’s a bit heavy for a pair of binoculars but its quality and features make you neglect that drawback. You can expect to see a clear image from a distance of 6000 feet. That’s what makes it a hunting binocular and not just some toy to play with.

Take these binoculars anywhere and we ensure you, that you will not be disappointed. But wait, we are missing some big feature here. When I said these binoculars feels futuristic, I was not joking. These aren’t just any binoculars, these are infrared laser binoculars that displays the range in the glasses in whatever unit you prefer, whether yards or meters. It has got a crazy range of 3000 yards which is some serious power. Other than that, it has got an inclinometer which tells you the relative angle even. The build is solid, being made from magnesium alloy and contains a center focus knob for easy adjustments. The IR laser in it is used to measure the distance and is eye-safe, meaning it won’t hurt your eyes if you try to look into it.

It has got a powerful 10x zoom which makes your vision clear and detailed, allowing you to keep track of your prey without losing sight of it. It has got a 42 mm objective lens diameter, giving you a bright vision. It is equipped with a larger Porro prism instead of the roof type prism but manages to combine the rich field of view with very little light loss.

Its optical lenses are fully multi-coated and also scratch resistant, preventing fine scratches and also glaring and reflection of light. The stray light is suppressed to improve the contrast. It has the hydrophobic coating which prevents fingerprints, dust, and dirt from sticking on the lenses. With a 70-degree wide-angle view, you’ll have the whole scene in front of you while you are hunting without losing sight of your prey.

  • LED Display
  • Durable
  • Mostly for experienced hunters

10. Bushnell Permafocus 171043 Hunting Binoculars

Bushnell PermaFocus 2

At first glance, these binoculars may look cheap and of low quality but they are definitely not. These are one of the Bushnell models. And while they are budget-friendly, that does not mean they aren’t good enough. If you want to be able to own a decent and budget-friendly, yet well-known brand binoculars, this one is your best bet. And yes, these are worthy of being called hunting binoculars. These binoculars are very compact, lightweight and surprisingly very rugged. The design of it is rather simple and not as appealing as other binoculars but nonetheless gets the job done right.

With the affordable price, Bushnell keeps the quality and durability of this model. A thing to note is that it actually features fully multi-coated lenses for the price it is offering. That ensures you get a clear and crisp image. These binoculars are equipped with a BaK-7 prism which allows a good amount of light to pass through with little loss inside. It offers 8x zoom and has a 25 mm diameter of its objective lenses. It has got a fixed focus which Bushnell calls ‘insta focus’ system that allows you to keep track of fast-paced animals and birds. This makes bird watching the fun. Talking about the build quality of the equipment, it is made up of good quality rubber which makes it rugged. That also increases the overall grip over the binoculars. It also contains a center knob like many other binoculars, to quickly and easily adjust the focus.

With an extremely affordable price, there are sometimes which this model lacks, such as waterproofing and fog proofing. Also, it doesn’t come with a port to mount a tripod on but it does manage to contain all the other necessary and basic features almost all other binoculars offer now. While these binoculars aren’t that heavy that one may need a tripod for it, a tripod helps in preventing fatigue when using the binoculars for long periods by holding them in the hands.

  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Compact
  • lightweight
  • Fixed focus

Hunting Binoculars Buyer’s guide and FAQs

hunting binaculars2

When it comes to actually buy hunting binoculars, there are numerous factors to think of and a lot of things to check and consider. Different binoculars will have different features and specifications which would vary with different users. With that, prices also vary greatly so it really depends on your usage and experience and also your budget, which brand and features you may need, while keeping yourself under your budget.

You will have tens and hundreds of brands that make hunting binoculars to choose from but our list contains the most popular and best hunting binoculars that are budgeted according to usage and features and not overly expensive. But what to really look for when buying a pair of binoculars? You need not worry as you will find all the critical and relevant information regarding binoculars and its features which will not only help you to select the right product for yourself but also give you a good bit of hunting binoculars knowledge.

If you are one of those people who prefer to look for reviews and feedback from other users for a product, then that’s a good idea before going out to buy. If you know a few brands, select one and search for its reviews and feedback which should give you an insight into the product. But if you rather know the product from the inside and know the features it has, then you can find all the information here regarding binoculars.

So what things should I keep my eyes on when buying one?

There are a few things to consider before going out to buy binoculars. Read below to find out in detail about them.

Vision and magnification


The first and the basic thing that everybody checks and uses is the binoculars’ magnification. Magnification of a binocular is the ability to make far away things look bigger but that’s not all. The magnification should be clear and discernable. Often, people believe that the bigger the better but that’s not always true. Specifically for hunting, the ability of a binocular to make things look bigger is the key to success but the main part is how much. Different products offer a different range of magnification and it’s very important to note that as per your requirement, which suits you the best. In hunting, it doesn’t necessarily mean the more the magnification the better. Take the example of a DSLR camera with a zoomed lens. You want to take a portrait picture of your friend. You will see that the image in your camera’s viewfinder will be already much zoomed due to the lens and you will need to back away quite a bit to be able to take a proper photo. Similarly, if you face the same situation while hunting, you may not have enough time to back away to view the situation properly because hunting is all about accuracy and right timing. Also, one thing to consider is that when an image is extremely zoomed, the binoculars should be held still to not make the view shake up too much which is why to make hunters who use long range binoculars needs a tripod to match the binoculars with. That means that a 10x zoom binoculars aren’t any better than a 7x zoom one and that it really depends on the usage. The ability of a binoculars’ magnification is related to the diameter of the binoculars’ lens.

The objective lens and size

The objective lens is the lens on the opposite side to where one looks through. This lens is what magnifies the view. The size of the lens is directly related to the magnification. The size of this lens is what you may see on the specification of a binocular such as 7 x 40 or a 32 mm lens. The latter number in 7 x 40 is the size of the objective lens in mm. That being said, the greater the number the greater the detail and zooming you will be getting but again, as we mentioned earlier, bigger doesn’t always mean the better. While a 50 mm binocular may be more expensive than a 40 or 30 mm, if you are a day-time hunter, you’ll be fine with the 30 or 40mm lens binoculars. Also, the bigger the objective lens is, the heavier it is going to be which means the overall weight of the binoculars will also increase as a whole. But with the lower mm lenses, the visibility will be poor in low light conditions when compared to 40mm and above size objective lenses.

To conclude, the main concept and idea behind choosing the lens size are solely dependent on the usage and whether usage in day hunting or night hunting. Sometimes, the weight also matters while hunting because too much weight affects the maneuverability and portability and also affects movement.

FOV (Field of view)

The FOV or field of view is just as it sounds. It determines the amount of angle that comes under the sight line. The field of view is sometimes also measured or expressed in yards such as 1000 yards or FOV of 800 yards. The 1000 or 800-yard area will be that area measured in feet that will determine your angle of view. Simply put, how wide or narrow your sight is with the field of view. If binoculars have a high number of field of view that means that you will have a wide angle of view and will be able to see a wide image of the scenario you may be in. The greater the number of the field of view, the wider your sight through the binoculars will be. In this, binoculars with a high field of view are more suitable for those who are tracking fast-paced animals on a frequent basis during hunting. So unless you are aiming for a quick moving game or dear, you may not necessarily need binoculars with a high field of view as they can be quite expensive.

Relative brightness and exit pupil

hunting binaculars

When talking about optics, the exit pupil is the aperture, or you can call an artificial pupil, that lets light into better the vision under different lighting conditions. That means that the light which can pass through this exit pupil or the aperture can only come through the other end and can be seen by the user. The exit pupil is a tiny space in the middle of the aperture which is what controls the light. Only the light that passes through the small hole can come out the other side. It is mainly known as the virtual aperture. The exit pupil is determined by dividing the objective lens size by the magnification range of the binoculars. That is if a binocular has the objective lens of size 42 mm and magnification of 8x, the exit pupil would be 5.25 mm. Here also, the higher the number of the exit pupil in mm, the better the light will be when seeing through the binoculars. That being said, when comparing the exit pupil with the human eyes, young people can dilate their pupil to about 7 mm while adults can dilate their pupil to about 4 mm so it is better to grab a binocular which has a higher exit pupil than your naked eye.

Coming to the relative brightness index, the brightness index relative to the exit pupil is the estimation of how well-lit and bright the image is going to be when looking through the binoculars. The brightness index is calculated by squaring the value of the exit pupil. Generally, in low lighting conditions, a relative brightness index with a value of 25 or higher is thought to be the best in binoculars.

The prism mechanism and type

In hunting binoculars, there are 2 main types of prism that are, 2 categories of the prisms. The first is the roof type prisms and the second is porro type prisms. The roof type prisms in binoculars are considered better and more usable than the porro types because these are quite light weighted and slimmer and thinner in dimensions, making the size and weight of the binoculars less when compared to binoculars which have porro type prisms.

The roof prism in certain binoculars reflects the light 5 times under a confined space due to which the eyepiece is directly in line with the eyes. But these types of prisms make the binoculars more expensive than the porro types, which can be considered as a disadvantage.

The porro type binoculars need a bulkier and larger body to accommodate the prism and even then, the Porro prism is able to reflect the light 4 times which is why these binoculars are larger and heavier in size, making them bulky to feel. In such binoculars, the eyepiece is not in direct line which is the drawback in this case but these binoculars are relatively cheaper than roof type binoculars. Overall, porro type hunting binoculars are affordable so if you are tight on budget, you might want to consider these. But which one is better? Well, the answer to this question isn’t as simple even with the drawbacks of Porro type binoculars. There are multiple factors that are taken into accounts such as the quality of the glass, the tolerance and the design of the binoculars itself even, which can make a huge difference. That being said, the vision is proportional to the quality of the binoculars’ glasses so it depends on the brand and manufacturer.

The focus type of the binoculars

Binoculars may come in two focus types. Namely, the individual focusing and center focus. As far as the best focus is concerned, individual focus gives you just that quality. By individual focus, it means that both the lenses can be adjusted differently to make and adjust the focus whereas in center focus, the focus adjustment is single and both the lenses are affected at the same time, not allowing individual focusing of the lenses. When working with animals in long distances, individual focusing comes into play and becomes more useful. That being said, if your prey is under the 30-yard range, you are good to go with a center focus binoculars but more than 30 yards and you’ll find yourself in need to focus on your animal more often in that case.

Individual focusing is slower than center focus so that’s the reason why under short distances, center focus will save time and get you your prey because if you begin adjusting individual lenses, it might be too late to make a move while in long distances, you may have enough time to adjust individual lenses and make your vision or sight clear and make a better move. So it really depends on you and your usage, which one suits you best.

The extent of eye strain under usage

When using binoculars, eye relief is a major factor that becomes very important. Eye relief is the safe distance measured between the eyes and the lens of the binoculars when holding them to see through it. Eye relief becomes even more important for those who use glasses or any kind. Eye relief can be understood as a safe distance at which the user or hunter can hold the binoculars against the eyes. The distance ensures two things. The measure of how good the visibility is and also eye relief. One should be able to see through the binoculars clearly and the image as well while not putting any additional stress on the eyes. It is advised for those who wear glasses to hold the binoculars at the least 14 to 15 mm from the eyes. The fact why eye relief is important relates directly to the field of you and clarity. A strain on eyes while using the binoculars will cause the user to have a lowered field of view and overall clarity of the image.

Optical lens coating


The coating of lenses ensures a bunch of things. One of those things is to reduce the light reflective or remove it completely. Other reasons for coating may be to make the glass scratch resistance and dust repellant. Loss of light and glaring are two things which will not have you go through the trouble if the glasses on your binoculars are coated. Without the good coating, you may have a hard time working with these binoculars under bright sunlight.

The coating is done by applying a thin layer of a special coat. With a single layer of coating, only one of the few features is offered. Now many binoculars feature optical lenses with multiple layered coating. There are some binoculars with a fully multi-layered coating but these can be extremely expensive. For many, multi-coated serve the purpose they are designed to. Mostly, the hunters want their binoculars to have anti-reflective and scratch resistant optical lenses which elongate the life of the lenses and overall of the whole binoculars usability.

Also, where multiple coatings, there are different qualities of the coating as well so make sure the brand is well known and mentions all the coatings on the packaging. If you are a new, single coating lens may be well enough for you but If you happen to be an experienced hunter, it is worth going for binoculars with multi-coated optical lenses.

To make it short and simple, the better the quality of the coating, the better the vision is going to be but that will come at an additional cost. Luckily though, lens coating is now common and most brands and manufacturers feature at the least a single coated optical lens.

Vision and image quality

This may be one of the most overlooked points when considering to buy binoculars, it really is one of the basic and important aspects of binoculars. A user comes directly in contact with the lenses of the binoculars and thus, get a magnified image which is the main purpose of binoculars. Obviously, no one would want to buy a pair of binoculars and specifically hunting purpose binoculars if the image quality isn’t good. This is what is most important in binoculars. Some brands and manufacturers use high-quality lenses such as Carl Zeiss lenses, Nikon and the likes which ensures you will get the best image quality when using those binoculars. Also, these binoculars put much less strain on your eyes and have overall a better comfort level and eye relief while at the same time offering crisp, bright and a proper image that hunters want in their binoculars.


This feature is useful for using binoculars in the rain. Waterproofing ensures the water doesn’t get inside and over the prism which would distort the image. Mostly the problem is that binoculars which offer to waterproof, as well as good image quality, are quite expensive so if you are an expendable budget, you should go for binoculars which offer a better image quality as well as a waterproof body.

Portability, weight, and size

As binoculars are hand-held equipment, being constantly used while hunting, their portability is something that matters while in the field. Portability depends on the size and weight of the binoculars. As we discussed the two different types of binoculars, one with roof prism and one with Porro prism, the latter ones are bulkier and a bit heavier but also budget friendly while the roof prism binoculars are slimmer and lighter but a lot more expensive. The image quality depends on the make and model as well as features but if you are a seasoned hunter, it’s better to go with roof prism based binoculars. If you are rather new, then Porro prism based binoculars should be good enough for you.

Rubber sealing

The rubber seals are relevant to waterproofing but it also determines the comfort of the binoculars. A pair of good binoculars should have the basic rubber seals that should prevent water from seeping in as well as act as a cushion and grip for holding the binoculars.

The cost of the binoculars

Perhaps the other most important factor besides image quality, the cost is something every hunter just has to consider. The most expensive binoculars out there doesn’t always mean they are the right ones for you and good in performance and features. The most expensive ones may have features which you may not be needed at all.


If you are familiar with the different brands and manufacturers, only then you can refer to this point. As it is with anything you may buy, the brand name or manufacturer counts and somewhat determines the overall quality of its product so it obvious to go for well-known brands which specialize in such equipment such as hunting purpose binoculars.

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