10 Best Table Saws

We have reviewed a lot of different dangerous tools on the market on our latest reviews. But will this be the most dangerous reviewed by us?

Not if you are using it the right way of course! However, most of us know the danger of using a table saw and therefore using it with care. A lot of newer table saws comes with great safety features for this problem, which we will discuss in our buyer’s guide in the bottom of the article.

But I guess that you are here for the reviews of different table saws so let’s go.

We have made the selection of the best table saw in 2020 for you as easy as possible by gathering the best and top quality table saws in a single list with its features, pros, and cons so that you don’t have to look elsewhere to research about the best products out there.

If you feel that you want to learn a bit more about the safety and maintenance about table saws before your purchase, go to our buyer’s guide in the bottom of the article. Scroll down or go to the Buyer’s Guide.

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The 10 Best Table Saws in 2021

Product Speed RPM Power (A) Weight(pounds) Price
Rockwell RK7241S 4800 15 88 Check Price
Grizzly G0715P 4300 20 540 Check Price
SawStop PCS175 3450 14 477 Check Price
Powermatic PM1000 4200 15 418 Check Price
Jet 708675PK 4300 14.5 510 Check Price
Bosch 4100-09 3650 15 125 Check Price
Hitachi C10RJ 4500 15 96 Check Price
SKIL 3410-02 5000 15 67 Check Price
Makita 2705 4800 15 82 Check Price
Dewalt DW745 3850 15 54 Check Price

1. Dewalt DW745 Table Saw


The first table saw to make it on our list is the Dewalt DW745. Dewalt is a well-known brand known to develop quality tools alike. Here, we have the DW745. It’s a 10-inch machine and very compact but a job-site capable table saw. Rest assured about the precision in your work. This is an investment that will quickly be recovered if you take care of this tool. Dewalt solidifies its performance, quality, and construction of its products by offering the DW745 to its users. The company understands your needs and requirements better.

The DW745 table saw features a maximum of 20-inch cutting capacity which is enough for the most people out there. It’s designed in such a way that it can be plugged into any outlet like charging your cell phone(Depending on where you live, check specifications). It features a 15-ampere high powered motor and its 20-inch cutting capacity proves to be more than enough. The best thing about this tool is that it features a guidance system to guide you through high precision and accuracy. All you really need to do is be alert during the operation and supervise it and see your work getting done with utmost accuracy and previous without breaking a sweat.

The weight of this table saw is 22 kg, which is pretty low for a high quality table saw.

  • A simple yet sturdy design
  • Power high powered motor installed
  • Solid construction
  • Low weight compared to others
  • Steel roll cage included
  • Overload protection
  • Features a helpful guide system
  • High quality, accurate and precise cutting
  • It’s abit noisy

2. Makita 2705 Table Saw

Makita 2705 2

In the second place, we will find a direct competitor to the Dewalt table saw above. If you are a fan of power tools, you have for sure seen the fight between Makita and Dewalt users about which tool is the best. This is a table saw which is extremely versatile, making it one of the most affordable & powerful table saws out there.

It’s very easy to operate and features various convenient adjustments for utmost comfort during usage of the saw. It features a powerful 15 amp motor and has 3 different blade adjustments for different types of cuts. Also, it has a good enough cutting capacity that will allow you to cut an 8 by 4 sheet easily. The motor spins 4800 rounds per minute, making the job quick and precise. It has a dual slide guarding for making the measurements from blade to rip fence as easy as possible. This table saw has a cutting capacity of 3 inches at 90-degree angle and 2 inches at 45-degree angle.

So which is the best of the Dewalt DW745 and the Makita 2705 table saw actually? Well, we found a better usability and greater overall performance of the Dewalt saw, that’s why we placed it on the first place. Another thing is to consider is the customer support of these tools. Now it’s up to you to judge which you like better.

  • Strong & Powerful 15 amp electric engine
  • Offers warranty (1 year)
  • Robust & Great quality
  • Adjustable dual side guards
  • Easy and safe in operation
  • Good in accuracy and precision
  • Heavier than the Dewalt
  • Collects dust in the slider, which make it difficult to adjust after a while

3. SKIL 3410-02 Budget Table Saw

SKIL 3410-02 2

On the third place on our list, you will find a table saw that is a bit cheaper than the other ones and a good alternative for the one who needs a table saw without making a hole in the wallet. We are talking about the SKIL 3410-02. This table saw will take care of your cutting while keeping a professional feeling.

That’s not it. The accuracy and precision are there. A great thing about this table saw is that it comes with a folding stand which can be easily folder after your work is done so that space, where it’s kept, isn’t completely taken away. It’s a 10-inch table saw fitted with a large blade to cut through easily. With a large blade, it is able to cut through larger materials without many efforts as compared to table saws which feature smaller blades.

The electric engine is pretty strong for such a cheap table saw, 15 amps which is in class with the competitors above. This motor is more noisy than the others though, but hey, check the price. The SKIL 3410 have a cut height capacity of 3-1/2-Inch which is also really great. Overall it’s a really great table saw for the bucks and is a perfect choice if you do not want to spend too much.

  • Easy to use
  • Features foldable legs
  • Can cut through larger sized materials
  • Durable and reliable
  • Strong electric motor (15 amps)
  • Very Budget-friendly
  • The mitre gauge is unable to align and accommodate materials larger in length
  • The electric motor is a kinda noisy
  • The plastic feels low quality

4. Hitachi C10RJ Portable Table Saw

Hitachi C10RJ 2

Number 4 on the list is a big name – Hitachi. It’s here with its C10RJ. There’s a lot to be said about this table saw. It’s a job-site table saw first of all. First look at it and you will instantly realize how easy and portable it can prove to be. But it isn’t just all for a show.

Under the hood, its got a powerful motor with a max RPM of 4500 which tells as a fact that you’ll be getting your job done in no time while maintaining accuracy and precision due to the high speed of the motor. One main quality of Hitachi’s table saw unit is that it gives you ample space to work and allows for an easy hand. Take it anywhere and everywhere and get your work done professionally. As with many table saws, it also features an adjustable fence.

Coming to the technical specifications, and particularly power consumption, it can be said that the motor fitted in this table saw is power friendly and doesn’t too much power by that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on quality and accuracy. Take this unit easily to your job site on wheels and there you can have it sit on 4 legs acting as its stand. Once the job is done, simply fold the roll stand and take it with you in your car or truck without taking too much space.

  • Features adjustable fence for limiting materials to be cut
  • High RPM motor fitted
  • Adjustable for angle cutting
  • Backed up by a 2-year warranty
  • Extremely portable
  • Fence rip adjustment is difficult to perform
  • The table surface is not even

5. Bosch 4100-09 Heavy Duty Table Saw

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw 4100-09 2

Here another big name in the market. Bosch. Bosch is here today with its 4100-09 table saw. This table saw is a 10-inch job-site table saw with a rising wheel stand for high portability. Its well-known feature, the smart guard system helps to prevent kickbacks and acts as a blade guard. It simply gives the operator high control over the material to be cut.

During the operation of the saw, visibility is maximum and the user can easily see through the cut. Having another feature up its sleeve, its square lockability firmly locks the rip fence in place providing easy and consistent operation and cutting. In terms of the construction, its built heavy duty and equipped with 8-inch wheels which rise automatically for easy carry of the table saw.

Also included with this unit is the onboard storage so that you can easily store all the necessary tools you might need during a job without having to carry it individually. The quality for this table saw is very good and together for the fact that it’s very portable, it’s an excellent choice for a great table saw.

  • High control over the materials to be cut
  • Easy adjustment of the rip fence
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy setup of the table saw
  • Gravity risen wheels for easy portability and handling
  • Smooth operation of the motor
  • A powerful 15 amp 3650 RPM motor fitted
  • Smart guard system
  • The motor has a lower RPM compared to other table saws in the same range
  • This table saw doesn’t counter vibrations as efficiently as other table saws

6. Jet 708675PK Professional Table Saw

JET 708675PK 2

The 6th on to make it on our list is the Jet XACTASAW deluxe table saw. Another well-known name in the market, the XACTASAW features some jaw-dropping features that will attract the geeks who are into this. This machine features a powerful motor with an amazing 3 horsepowers. Here comes the big thing. It has a max of 50-inch cutting capacity which is amazing.

It will get almost any material of greater thickness cut with precision and accuracy. It has a quick release blade and features arbor lock making it efficient and safe to use. The blade drive system includes a V belt which ensures smooth operation of the motor and blade without stress and minimum power loss. The blade features are itself shrouded to keep out the dust from the teeth. The working space is a 26 inch by 30 in which is ample for larger material to work on.

One thing to emphasize on, there are 3 belts which drive the blade which ensures that maximum power is delivered to the blade without compromising the precision and accuracy
Also, it has a magnetic switch which offers overload protection making the safety feature automatic. Overall, this tool is well built and offers high accuracy and high-end safety features.

  • A working space of 26 inches by 30 inch
  • Has a built-in storage drawer
  • 3 V-belts for delivering maximum power from motor to the blade
  • Magnetic overload protection
  • High-quality chrome plated handwheels for a smoother movement
  • Slightly expensive compared to other alternatives. Suits better for industries than home usage.
  • Very large and heavy

7. Powermatic PM1000 Industrial Table Saw

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K 2

Here is a table saw which has a friendly look in terms of both, quality and pricing as well as precision and accuracy. Although featuring a simple design, don’t be mistaken for its build quality. It features a powerful enough motor which is, unfortunately, power demanding as many other high-end table saws.

The power transfer is done by using a v-belt made of poly material ensuring that maximum power is transmitted to the blade from the motor. Another handy feature included in this table saw is the dust collection. So that cleaning the dust isn’t a big issue with this table saw. With its 30-inch fence adjustment system, you don’t have to worry about precision and handling of the materials to be cut.

Overall, it’s got a sturdy but friendly design and doesn’t back down in terms of accuracy. This is a large and expensive table saw and may fit better to industries or other types of companies rather than home usage.

  • Easy setup and usage of the table saw
  • A handy feature of efficient dust collection
  • Better vibration countering compared to other table saws
  • Powerful motor fitted
  • Affordable pricing (For an industrial table saw)
  • Has a very power demanding motor for outputting high performance
  • Very heavy
  • Quality isn’t as good as other table saws in the same range

8. SawStop PCS175 Professional Table Saw

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 2

If you aren’t on a tight budget, take a look at SawStop’s CS175. This table saw is for the enthusiastic DIYers out there. By the first look at the table saw, you can tell that compromising in quality isn’t one of their traits. The same can be said for the accuracy of this machine.

This table saw has a safety feature in which the blade automatically detects anything that is not wood coming in contact with its blade and immediately stops and retracts the spinning blade. And its microblade guards help to prevent saw dust from spraying all over the room you are working in.

In simple words, an expensive but respectable table saw. Its unique safety feature is what makes it stand out from other expensive table saws.

  • High quality and high-performance table saw
  • Premium quality for hobbyists and DIYers
  • An outstanding safety feature of retracting the blade when coming in contact with material other than wood.
  • Efficient dust confining system
  • With high quality and high-end features comes a higher price. This unit is premium but just as expensive.
  • Very heavy & large, not portable

9. Grizzly G0715P Easy to Use Table Saw

Grizzly G0715P 2

Grizzly is a name most DIYers are familiar with. This time, the grizzly is on the list with its G0715P Polar bear series table saw. This table saw falls in the hybrid categories of table saws but doesn’t back down in quality or its claims. It’s got a powerful 2 HP motor which is single phase. The best part is that the motor can run off of 110 volts as well as 220 volts so you don’t have to be worrying about accidentally plugging it in the 220 volt supply and blowing it up.

The power to the blade is 3800 rounds per minute which means it will cut through without doubt or trouble. Precision and accuracy aren’t left being either. It’s designed in a way that you can get the feeling of both, a contractor style table saw as well as a cabinet style table saw in this unit. One good feature is its dust collection. Featuring a 4-inch duct hole, you can easily pair a cheap vacuum with the table saw and easily confine saw dust and prevent it from spreading.

Coming to the power transfer method from the motor to the blade, this unit uses a serpentine belt making the operation smooth and noise-free

  • The motor can run on both, 110 volts as well as 220 volts supply
  • Features a convenient 4-inch duct hole for a vacuum cleaner
  • Serpentine belt for maximum power transfer from motor to blade
  • High precision unit and accurate
  • Beginners can use it with ease
  • The price isn’t as appealing as its features. It is more expensive than its counterparts.
  • Quality is good enough but isn’t as high as what other brands offer in with their products.

10. Rockwell RK7241S Portable Table Saw

Rockwell RK7241S 2

Looking for a portable but high-performance table saw? Look no further. Rockwell presents you its RK7241S table saw which is equipped with a laser. This unit may seem small but works just as great. It has wheels for easy portability. You don’t need to lift it to carry it to different places. Simply roll it on its wheel. Since its compact in size, it becomes even easier to carry it to different places.

As we mentioned about it having a laser, this unique feature is there to ensure a different level of precision and accuracy in your work. The laser will guide you to cut through consistently. And that’s not it. Once the blade moves its position, so does the laser to keep the accuracy consistent.

  • Highly portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Laser guide feature for extreme precision
  • Handle for easy carry
  • Compact design
  • Not many up of high-quality parts
  • Not as durable as other table saws in the range

Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

table saw close

With the advancement in technology and ways of getting things done, humans constantly invent new things to make life easier. This allows us to get different types of jobs done quickly, saving time and money in the process. The only investment is the tool or technology itself, and mostly it’s a one-time investment which helps to recover the invested amount in a particular period of time.

In the world of engineers and carpenters, one such tool or technology, you can say, is a table saw. It is essential and now one of the basic tools a person who works in wood cutting and carpentry has. A table saw is most commonly known for its use in wood cutting. It is a flat table with a large blade sticking out of a linear gap on the flat table. The blade is fitted beneath the table and operated by a powerful motor. The motor is connected with the blade either by a pulley belt or gears. It’s got measuring clamps on either side to help and guide the operator in cutting the wood as per the required size and help to cut in a uniform manner.

The blade fitted beneath the table is adjustable and easily replaceable as well. The blade adjustment includes lifting the blade higher or lower than the table surface depending on the requirement of the depth of cut. Besides that, even the angle can be adjusted, featured in some table saws which allows easy changing of direction in a uniform manner for a nice and clean cut in curves.
That is to say, not all table saws feature all the features. In earlier times, table saws were basic and a lot simpler by simply having a flat table with a solitary blade protruding from the table bed with no adjustments possible whatsoever. The operator of the saw would need to change the position of the wood to make different cuts in different angles to get the job done.

Now, these table saws can be classified into a few categories namely, cabinet type table saws, the benchtop types commonly seen, the contractor type table saws and hybrid ones which offer best of both worlds.

Things to consider before the purchase of a table saw

It can be extremely confusing to buy a new table saw especially if it’s your first time as you will have a lot of choices and factors to choose from. It is important to know what is it exactly that you need and the area of your working and the level of it. Coming into the technical details of a table saw, a lot of things need to be taken into accounts such as the cutting depth, the overall cutting capacity of the blade, the power of the motor, the motor’s HP and bevels. Here are a few things for you to check before you go buy yourself a new table saw:

The cutting capacity of the saw

close table saw e1540662425832

The depth is something that can be adjusted in most of the table saws out there so that becomes not big of an issue. The thing that isn’t as scalable as the depth adjustment is the overall capacity of the saw. That is to say, a relatively small table saw will feature a smaller motor and a blade proportional to the power of the motor. In that case, it becomes obvious that the particular table saw in question is for minor jobs not requiring high precision or bulk quantity work. A small table saw will have a smaller table surface and will be able to accommodate small size sheets to cut. So you need to make sure what your requirements are. Once you are aware of your work priority, it becomes easy to determine which table saw would suit you better. A bigger table saw will feature a larger surface and a powerful motor with a larger saw.

Motor power and speed

The heart of the table saw is simply the motor. The motor is what drives the blade and the faster the motor spins, the faster the blade spins. Here, the only important factor isn’t the speed but the torque and load control as well. The HP rating of a motor determines its strength and power output in terms of spinning and overall power. Motors with a higher HP rating will be of higher RPM and thus make the blades spin faster. This results in high precision and quick cuts. But with more power comes the higher cost. So if you feel that your work level is above beginners, you may need a powerful motor and a sturdier blade. If precious is your main requirement, then a higher RPM motor is what you’ll need but that will cost you a bit more than the rest. Also, some table saws include their amperage and volts which is also a good means to determine the motor’s power output and most important its consumption. You don’t want an expectedly high electricity bill by the end of the month after using the table saw. Usually, motors are either rated 110 volts or 220/230 volts. In some places, there are only 110 volts and to use the higher powered motor, additional circuits need to be used in order to operate the motor. If your use is industrial, it’s better to go with a 220-volt high amp motor to be able to get the job done right.

Usability and design of the tool

This is also a big factor to look into when buying a table saw. It is important that you feel comfortable and in control when using a table saw to cut through your material. Comfort will ensure precision and control will ensure safety. So it’s important to test out different table saws and go for the one which proves to be the most comfortable for you to operate if you will operate the tool yourself. You need to make sure what’s in front of you on the table surface so that precision and safety isn’t compromised. Make sure the blade handles are firm and have a good grip and that you are able to properly balance during its operation to omit any safety hazards.

Dust collection mechanism

table saw 2

During the operation of a table saw, inevitably lots and lots of sawdust will be seen. Most of it will be residing on the surface and inside the cramped spaces in your table. But there are different table saws to tackle this specific problem. Some high-end table saws are equipped with an internal vacuum which immediately takes in the sawdust and prevents it from spraying all over the place. Some table saws feature a compartment which keeps the dust inside a confined compartment which makes it easy to clean the tool from dust better and efficiently. Some tables, however, do not feature any dust extraction and the removal of the dust is manual. The user will need to timely clean the dust. If the scope of your job is small, and if you don’t have a problem repeatedly cleaning the dust, then you can go for these table saws which will also be comparatively cheaper than those featuring internal vacuums and other mechanisms.

Electric braking and reverse blade spin

It may seem trivial about the on and off switch of the machine, but it’s one of the factors determining the usability of the machine. A switch that is in reach is also important in terms of safety. Usually, switches for such blades are made a little different, requiring the user to first lift the switch up and then press it to turn the motor on as a safety feature to prevent accidentally touching the button and turning on the blade. It is wise to get such a table which feature such type of switches. Other than that, now many tables feature electronic braking to stop the blade from spinning in case of a mishap or injury. This feature often prevents severe injuries from occurring. In terms of usability, high precision sometimes requires the blade to spin in the opposite direction or if the blade gets stuck and the user is unable to dislodge the blade and the sheet by hand. In such cases, reverse spinning come in hand. If you care for such features, you can go for tables which include these things for a slightly higher price.

The Budget

Last but not least, this factor is sometimes listed as the number one factor before buying almost anything and it does make sense. Not everyone has the same budget and not everyone has the same requirements. If you have a tight budget with intermediate level requirements, it’s better to go with those table saws without high-end options like electric braking or internal vacuum to clean off the dust. But a word of advice, compromising on safety is simply a bad choice. Electric braking proves to be more important than a table saw that features an internal vacuum for dust cleaning.

The different types of table saws

Bench Top type table saws

table saw

These are the more common types of table saws most workers own. These are also known as job-site saws. These are operated over other table tops or a different kind of support but since these are very lightweight, they are not so difficult to use but rather easy to manage and operate. These table saws contain a blade which is usually operated directly by the motor without having any intermediate object of power transfer like a belt or pulley system. The blade is connected directly to the motor.
These tables are the more common type of table saws and in terms of pricing, are least expensive than the rest of the table saws. What makes this a handy type still is its compact built. It is made of strong steel parts but is still overall light in weight, making it easy for the user to carry and operate. These are called job-site saws because they can be easily carried to places. The type of motors fitted in these table saws are the common high powered motors. Although these motors produce high noise, their power to weight ratio is higher. One drawback is that the table in these types is often small in area, making it difficult to guide large sheets of wood. These are good for small jobs.

Contractor type table saws

This variant of table saws are larger in size, overall heavier in weight and used for bigger jobs. The table is large enough to cut large sheets. The blade part is conventional. It’s fitted with a blade directly operated by the motor without belts or pulleys, offering high torque, or the saw is operated by usually two belts by a motor of HP ranging from 750 watts to 1500 watts. These types of table saws are mostly equipped with induction motors and thus, make less noise than the benchtop table saws. A good thing about induction motors is that the power required by the motor is easily available at homes which makes this table saw well for home usage and by DIYers and hobbyists.
These table saws are fitted with wheels for easy movement of the table itself. Although contractor type table saws are larger in size, they are designed to be portable and intended to be able to be easily carried to job sites with the help of wheels. The larger bed and a powerful motor make it a durable and a powerful table saw perfect for most intermediate jobs and makes it a long lot more lasting than the benchtop type table saws.

Cabinet type table saws

These table saws are even heavier and bulkier and built using casted iron and strong steel serving the purpose of reducing vibration and highly improving saw accuracy. Cabinet table saws are easily distinguishable by their covered base. Since they are larger in size, they are designed for heavy usage. These table saws are fitted with a more power induction motor usually of 3HP to 5 HP, single phase motors but some cabinet table saws are equipped with a higher HP motor ranging from 5 HP to 7.5 HP which are 3 phase motors. This makes these table saws primary for industrial usage. In the case of home use, a circuit is needed to be installed with the motor to be able to give sufficient power to the motor as many homes do not have 3 phase lines. Due to cast iron and strong material used in building the cabinet table saws, this makes vibrations as minimal as possible. Since the base is enclosed in cabinet table saws, these have a dedicated dust collection mechanism which collects the sawdust and other dirt which can be easily cleaned up.
In terms of usability, these types of table saws feature as many adjustments there are as possible, allowing the operator of the saw countless adjustments for highly professional use.

Hybrid type table saws

As the name implies, these hybrid table saws are designed to bridge the gap between high-end table saws and affordable ones. These manage to offer those advantages one may get in heavy cabinet type table saws but at prices nearing traditional table saw types. Many hybrid table saws now share the same concept as cabinet table saws, having an enclosed base with a dust collection mechanism inside to make the cleaning of the tool easier. These are designed to stand somewhere between the cabinet table saws and the contractor types. Many hybrid tables offer a sliding table base making it easy to maneuver the cutting of the wood. The blades in them are either operated by a V-belt is driven by the motor or may contain multiple belts. These are usually equipped with 1 to 2 HP motors requiring a standard 20 amps and 120 volts which makes it power friendly at homes compared to cabinet type table saws. Those tables which are fitted with a slightly powerful motor require a 240 volts supply which requires a circuit to be installed with the motor for some places in the world where 240 volt supply isn’t usual.

Operation of table saws in terms of safety

table saw best

Since these table saws contain a sharp blade of a larger diameter and powered by a high power motor, these are extremely dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Some tables offer the movement of the blade itself cutting over the wood while some tables have a blade that stays stationary, requiring the operator to move the sheet that needs to be cut. In the latter, it becomes easier to accidentally get the hands near the running blade posing a huge danger during the operation of the tool.

In other terms of safety, dust build up is also a hazard as accumulated sawdust and dirt can clog the blade and eventually burn the motor out. Also, accumulated dust can ignite easily because of the friction of the blade generating high heat which can cause a fire so it’s important that the dust build up is timely cleaned if there isn’t an internal dust collection system present in case of cabinet table saws. Besides that, dust in a confined working environment can affect breathing and cause other problems.

Advancements in table saws are now seeing huge improvements in the safety side of the tool. One such safety feature now presents in many saws is the automatic braking which has drastically lowered the safety risks of a free spinning blade. This works by applying a small current to the blade which is being monitored for variations. When the measured current deviates from the norm, the blade is stopped by an aluminum block coming in contact with the blade. This prevents serious injuries and amputation from occurring and the operator gets away with minor injuries.

The importance of blade height

The height adjustment of the table’s blade is used for the depth of the cut that is needed. Usually. The blades protrude about 7.5mm from the table gap which allows for smooth cuts and fewer kickbacks. The major benefit is that the more the blade is within the nick of the table, the safer it is to operate although adjustments can be made for different requirements. Moreover, a blade seems to be most effective when the teeth of the blade are in an arc as the blade protrudes up the table. In such cases, since less surface of the blade is coming in contact with the material to be cut, less heat is generated, as well as less scuffing occurs. This results in a reduction in power usage and improves the overall control of the blade itself as it cuts through the materials.

Maintaining the table saw

As with every tool or equipment, maintaining it is the key to its long life. Your tool will treat you the way you treat it. As for table saws particularly, timely maintenance is extremely important as that is what determines its reliability and durability after years of usage. So here are some things you need to check timely about your table saw to ensure it works accurately and doesn’t become dangerous to use.

Saw alignment

Your saw’s alignment is what determines the accuracy of the cuts it can make and also tell about the safety. Bad blade alignment is there when you notice bad woodcuts, kickbacks and the wood burning of smoking too much. Other than that, there’s always a risk of the blade coming loose altogether. Hence, it is wise to check the saw’s alignment every time before a job. To properly align the blade, you start with installing the blade straight with its vertical being absolute 0 degree and it bevel at -45 to 45 degree. Other than that, make sure the teeth of the blade are only what is seen above the table surface. The rest of the blade should be flush to the table surface.

Lubrication of moving parts

table saw

These include the blade and the motor that drives it. Simply put, over time the dust will get inside the motor’s pulley and start to clog it and eventually start to make unusual sounds due to increased friction because of the accumulated dust. In that case, the risk of the motor burning out increasing as heat dissipation is lessened. A blade will start to rust if not timely cleaned and a rusty blade will directly affect the cuts on the material and can even leave scratch marks and unevenly tear the sheets applied on plywood. To prevent this from happening, the blade should be wiped cleaned after use and the motor and blade itself should be oiled frequently.

To properly oil these parts, you need to unplug the saw and access the whole blade and the motor. You will then first clean the surface from sawdust and dirt. A brittle brush comes handy in such situations as it’s able to get off most of the rigid dust that been sitting in tight spaces for quite some time. Then, you can apply oil on the blade teeth and the motor drives itself for a smooth spinning of the motor. If your table saw has belts, oiling should be done on the pulleys too as they can start to squeak over time.

Table surface and outfeed cleaning

It is not wise to neglect the non-moving parts of a table saw. The surface of the table may not seem much but its where your material rests and slides over during the use of the tool. If the surface isn’t kept clean, first of all, it can scratch and scuff your precious design sheets of the plywood. Other than that, handling the sheets can be a problem. The surface should not have any sticky substances and should be smooth. Over time rust can take over the iron casting which will heavily affect your operation of the tool during a job. In that case, what you should do is take a sandpaper and scrub the rust off of the block and make the surface smooth. A smooth and a slick surface will simply make it easy for you to manage the sheets sitting over the table surface ready to be cut and if your sheet happens to get stuck somewhere in the middle of a cut, you will end up wasting the sheet.

Sharpening the blades to get the most out of them

The blade or saw in a table saw is one of the most durable components because of their long life. That is, as long as they are maintained. Over time, the teeth of the blades and saws round off and lose their sharpness and ability to cut through the wood. In that case, these blades aren’t to be thrown away but they can be re-sharpened and put back to use. This can be done repeatedly until the blade itself is breaks or rusts out badly. There are a number of ways to sharpen the blade. The safest one is to keep the blade fitted in your table saw and run it against a metal sharpening bar with a clamp. It is advised to take extreme caution during this operation. Gloves and a helmet should be used. Another way to sharpen the blade is by a grinder fitted with a high grit sandpaper.

Timely replacement of worn-out parts

The rule of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t do very well in this case. Since this tool involves a powerful motor and a sharp blade which can be dangerous if not properly used, major injuries can occur. That is to say, if there’s a squeaky part in your tables saw, it’s better to take a look at it first hand before it ends up getting worse. Since the motor is the heart of the table and is what actually drives the blade or saw, it is the component which often goes bad first. Also, if the motor isn’t performing at its maximum, the quality of your cuts will be directly proportional to the power output. Simply put, if you suspect that quality of your blade has seriously deteriorated or that your motor isn’t running as it used to when you bought it brand new, it’s time to replace these parts. Blades can actually be sharpened and put back to use if the overall strength of it is prevalent. Similarly, a motor can also be brought back to life after a new winding but there are times when you simply need to replace the part altogether because the repair cost exceeds the cost of that part bought brand new.

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